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Managing finances is something that we all need to learn how to do. It is important for anyone regardless of where you are in life. But for those of you that are not aware of how to manage money, it can make it seem impossible to manage money well. It’s something that not many are taught and have to learn the hard way. Schools, at least in the USA, have stopped discussing this element of adulthood.


The simplest thing to do for yourself is to arrange with your employer to set aside a certain amount of money to go into savings (if your country has such a thing). This reserve fund can make it much better and easier if you have a last minute emergency that arises. The amount you set aside should be tailored to your particular needs. A recommended amount (one that is often common) is 10% of your earnings. If you are looking to really get ahead, I would suggest closer to 20%. This will help you to gain some traction with some of your goals. Eventually, you will have to set more money aside in longer term savings since that you can use that for purchasing things like a home or a car.

Side Hustles And More Than One Income

Outside of this, it is time to look at other things. It is NOT enough to just save money and put it aside. You have to make your money work for you. You have to get other income streams coming in. This particular thing is hard to understand. Essentially, the concept is that you build income streams that are NOT dependent on you working your job nor how many hours you are putting in. Common income streams are things such as rental properties and stocks. There are plenty of others that you could use-but the concept of this here is to build these so you can have more later. The key here is to be looking for new opportunities to earn a little extra. It could be making a delivery. It could be raking a lawn. These are opportunities that you can have some extra funds that you can use towards investing and escaping the rat race.

Ways to Reduce Expenses

There are a lot of ways to reduce expenses that you might have. These could be things like shopping for cheaper products or buying things in bulk. It could be cancelling subscriptions to NetFlix or Hulu. These can add up over time and that extra money can work towards enhancing what you are earning. It can help pay bigger ticket items that you have on your budget.