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I have to warn that this post may offend some individuals. It is not my intention to do so, since I would like to merely address the situation and the thought process. Keep in mind this is nothing more than informational.

What is Inclusion?

Inclusion is the process of incorporating a variety of different individuals from a variety of different backgrounds. These could be individuals of different ethnicities or individuals with different preferences for partners (among other things). It is important that these should not be the sole basis for hiring a candidate nor a contributing factor, as there are plenty of laws condoning those practices (and for good reason!).

With inclusion, you are aiming to make it safe for these individuals to be a part of your organization. You are making it acceptable that they are welcome for who they are, regardless of what those differences may be. As leaders, though we might not agree with the lifestyle choices that these individuals make, we need to be sure that we can include and make our organizations conducive for them to be apart of the structure.

Why Implement Inclusion?

The biggest reason to be inclusive (whether legal or not) is help facilitate internal growth. All individuals deserve the right to be able to contribute to society in a positive manner. Leaders can strive towards being able to incorporate new ideas or new ways of doing things by including these individuals more into projects and workspaces.

What Happens If You Have Someone That Does Not Behave Well With Inclusion

There will be individuals that unfortunately will mot play nice with people that are different than them. It is an unfortunate fact of life and no matter how progressive society tends to get, there will always be individuals that want to spend their time with like-minded people. The best way to handle and adress this is to facilitate their departure if they cannot be accomodating. It is not up to a person to like something or agree with something, but they can be civial about it. Provide them opportunities to be able to overcome some of their predujices if possible. Document everything to ensure that you have covered yourself if they decide to not change or show respect towards fellow human beings.

Why Some Organizations Should NOT be inclusive

Talking about inclusion is important. We should be accomodating of individuals to a point. Some of these are a rather valid and others are from a pragmatic stance on the situation.

There are some organizations that I firmly believe should not be inclusive nor be forced to be inclusive:

  • Religious Institutions such as mosques and synagogues
  • Non-profits that cater to a particular demographic
  • Elementary and Middle Schools