This blog is predominantly about helping you, as a fellow leader, to succeed in ways that you never thought possible. It is geared towards providing you resources and additional ways to engage your staff/followers. It is essential that you learn how to keep them involved in their work.

Not only that, this blog is geared towards helping you to be able to make more informed choices about your leadership style. You need to also examine what you are doing currently and how you can incorporate better ways of doing things.

About Me

What makes me unique? Here are a few things:
  • Experiences Abroad
    1. China-Changchun
    2. Seoul, South Korea
    3. Panama
    4. Mexico
  • Educational Experiences
    1. Evangel University
      1. Masters of Organizational Leadership
    2. Southwest Baptist University
      1. Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and History
      2. December 2009 Graduate