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What is Engagement?

Employee engagement is something that most entrepreneurs are looking to incorporate with their organization. Entrepreneurs and managers tend to spend a lot of time trying to engage their followers. They want their staff to be fully vested with their work and their organization. Otherwise, they wind up feeling like there is no progression forward.

According to Kevin Kruse, employee engagement is when the employees actually care for the organization and the work that they are doing (Kruse 2012). Employee engagement shouldn’t merely be happy. That is not what it is about. It is about curating employees that are in alignment with the employee vision and ones that are in align with where the organization is wanting to go.

Why You Should Be Engaging Your Followers or Employees

Engaging your employees has a lot of practical benefits for your organization:

  • Engaged employees are more likely to perform better.
    • They are more vested in the work that they do.
    • They are most interested in performing well.
    • Engaged employees are more likely to also find better ways to work and achieve.
  • They are less likely to quit.
    • When employees are engaged, they are less likely to search for work elsewhere.
    • Engagement makes employees much more likely to look forward to coming to work.
  • Engaged employees can help culture and enhance the workplace
    • When employees are engaged, they are more likely to find ways to solve problems.
    • Engaged employees are likely to help others to remain or get more engaged.
    • This, in turn, keeps every cog turning.
  • They are also likely to find new ways of doing something
    • When employees find new systems and processes, the organization and the employee benefits.
    • New systems can easily help reduce costs or time while increasing revenue.
    • New systems might help reduce the chance of being audited.
  • Engagement can help reduce the overall stress of an organization
    • Engaged workers are much likely to have less stress when they come into work.
    • Organizations are less likely to feel the stresses of turn over.
    • Organizations are less likely to have to retrain staff.

As you can see, these are rather useful benefits for those leaders looking to have that engagement element in their organization.


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