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The short version of this post

This post is not a tutorial over how to use Microsoft Visio. There will be tutorials for you to use this down the road. But for now, it is to help you to learn more about the tool so you can make an informed decision. Visio is an essential tool that many leaders use to plan ahead.

Why do leaders need tools?

Leaders need to have tools. I mean computer tools. Leaders often fight to not incorporate these into their systems and departments. They fail to see that there are some legitimate uses for having technology that a leader needs to have some technology in their departments.

Computer tools make it easier to carry out any number of tasks such as:

  • It makes it easier to plan research and know some of those constraints.
    • Technology provides glances like Quickbooks providing financial overviews
    • Freemind can provide an easy brainstorming session
  • Tools can make it easier to see issues that might arise with plans.
    • You can hammer out details during the brainstorming phase.
    • You can also have a chance to see if a plan is worth carrying out.
  • Technology makes it easier to facilitate communication between followers and employees.
    • Chat clients can make it easier to be able to send a piece of information quickly and easily to another coworker.

Leaders often fail to see how these can easily help improve many of the issues that their departments face. Leaders fight the tools since they often misunderstand some of the benefits that it might bring to their teams.

What is Microsoft Visio?

Microsoft Visio is one tool that allows individuals to outline some of the following:

  • Programs
  • Offices
  • Processes
  • Novels or books
  • Outline Blog Content
  • Outline Marketing
  • Training programs
  • Organization structure
  • Vision establishing
  • Establish a pattern of research

The things that you see here are just some of the benefits of using a diagramming tool like Visio. It can be rather hard to effectively describe the insane amount of value that you can get from using the program. There are a lot of things that you need to just learn as you go when you have incorporated the program in place.

How should you use it?

As mentioned in the previous section, there are a lot of things that Visio can do to help you as a leader. These are processes and issues that leaders will have to utilize on a regular basis. Let’s work through some of them:


Invariably, some organizations like to incorporate internal, custom-made programs. You cannot make a program until you have outlined what it is supposed to do and have gotten a consensus with it. Visio can help you to establish the logic for your program. It allows you to sketch out the steps taken to get to the end result. For leaders this is ideal. It allows them to sketch out what they are after and can help set expectations for some of the programmers in the office. Leaders can use this to help give a rap sheet instead of having to write it out. Leaders can use this as a way to help communicate expectations.


One of the hidden gems of Visio is that you can use it to diagram an office layout. Got a new manager with new items? Visio can help you to be able to arrange their office before they start trying to get it set up. Leaders can also use this to see if things would work better for a certain flow or layout for your organization’s office or headquarters. You can also look at how a floorplan is going to work, especially if you also deal with shipping and receiving long-term.


Leaders sometimes get to writing books. Visio can be a good way to outline the book’s overall structure and the structure of the chapters. This is important especially if you are in a leadership program and want to be able to break something down effectively. Visio has templates that you can use towards being able to also make sure that you cover all of the details that you are looking to discuss.

Training Programs

Of course, leaders must implement training programs for their staff and others. Visio can be a great tool for helping to plan out what training points that you want to cover. There are templates that you could use towards also for staff meetings as well. I place meetings here since meetings can be a way to implement training procedures and discuss these points.

Content Creation or Marketing

Leaders must be aware of marketing and content creation as a way to generate revenue. Visio is a way that can outline that content and marketing plan. You can chart out the posts that you want to publish and the plan to get those posts noticed by search engines and other influencers. This is important if you want your organization to stay in business. Visio keeps you organized as you are trying to establish a content medium.

Outline Processes

Leaders, like managers, must deal with processes. They must approach something with planning and care. If they don’t, the organization will not hang onto a leader that cannot plan. Visio is essential for working out on some of these processes that you want to have implemented in your department or organization. It can map out some of those finer things.

At the end of the day…..

Microsoft Visio is a way for leaders to get and stay organized. It is a way to help leaders to plan out changes or things that they want to implement. Leaders need to be organized if they want to be in a position of power. The more organized that you are, the better people are going to want to follow you. The more organized that you can get yourself, the more likely you are going to be effective in leading teams and moving forward towards organizational goals. Visio is important for ensuring that you are setup for success.